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Small businesses not worried about war

March 11, 2003

Albany- The Ninth Annual Business Showcase is an event where large and small businesses can pitch their products and services to South Georgians. With the country already in a economic slump, and possibly just days away, from war events like this are needed more.

Max Ward says he's not worried because during a recession landscaping businesses like his tend to flourish. Ward explains that during a recession people tend to save their money and stay at home rather than take elaborate or expensive vacations. He says with the extra savings they will invest in landscaping and gardening services.

Other small business owners say they aren't worried either, even if it means competing with large businesses in a country that may soon be at war.

Financial planner Antoine Orr says he's less worried about the survival of his business than helping others plan ahead and stay out of debt.

It seems big businesses will not only have to survive with an unstable market, but they'll also have to compete with the small guys who still seem confident in a troubled economy.

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