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Phoebe Car Park Art

March 11, 2003

Albany -- Some of the best high school artists in Albany now have their work displayed in a parking deck. Tuesday morning, Phoebe Putney Hospital recognized the winners of their Trees of the Region student art contest.

 The 8 winners works of art will be permanently displayed on the walls of the hospital's new Car Park on Second Avenue. The young artists think it's a great idea. Albany High 11th grader Christy Hartsfield said "I love art. And everyone in my family has something to do with art. For people to recognize it feels really good."

Dougherty County Schools Art Supervisor Jayme Ivey said "Success breeds success. And when you give young people a chance to validate their work, you are going to see them go on with a self esteem boost. With the confidence to succeed, and you are going to see progress."

The winning art work had to focus on Magnolia, Pine, Live Oak, or Pecan trees. The 8 paintings will be displayed on all 4 floors of the Phoebe Car Park.

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