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Speed limit increases in Poulan

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) –If you've ever driven through Poulan in Worth County, you've likely seen a police officer parked on the side of the road making sure you were obeying the 45 mile per hour speed limit. But tonight, that speed has gone up by 10 miles per hour.

Officials with the Department of Transportation says every three years they revisit speed zones and for some time they had been getting complaints about the speed limit in Poulan. After performing an in-depth traffic investigation and study, they found the speed would be better suited at 55, but not all people agree.

For years, folks have been cautious of their speed as they drive through the small town of Poulan.

"A lot of folks think that anytime they get a speeding ticket its called a speed trap, through Poulan we didn't have signs on one side of the road, we had signs on both sides of the road reduced speed ahead. It is a safety issue," said Larry Whisenhart, Poulan Police chief.

But this month drivers are going a bit faster.

"The DOT wrote a letter that they received complaints about the speed through Poulan they started to do evaluations and said it would be better at 55 mph," said the Chief.

According to the DOT, an engineering study supported the increase of the speed limit. While some folks are glad others have some concerns.

"The city did not want this to happen, they wrote letters to the DOT stating their concerns with the safety," said the Chief.

Ed Sauter owns Ed's Truck stop and most nights he sits out on his swing and watches the traffic go by.

"We have quite a few that come by at 70 and 80 miles per hour and that's entirely too fast to go through a small town like Poulan," said Sauter.

And he says he can speak from experience when it comes to the safety of the highway.

"Once I pulled out it looked real good and next thing I know I was hit," said Sauter.

The Chief says people are already pushing the limit when it comes to speeding.

"Instead of the people going through here at 60 they are going through at 70 some at 80 we've had some citizens complain that when they pull out of Ed's, cars are going too fast and they are scared to pull out there," said the Chief.

He just hopes no major accidents occur.

"The DOT has full authority we just going out there doing our same job hoping that no accident happens," said the Chief.

"I don't think it matters what the speed limit is they are gonna push it we sit out here on the swing here and see people going 70 or 80 and that's just a little too fast to be coming through a small town," said Sauter.

The speed limit was changed December 1st.

The Chief says that from last December to this December they pulled over the same amount of people and wrote the same number of speeding tickets. He says people are just going faster when they are pulled over.

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