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Marine daughter

March 11, 2003 

IRWIN CO. - Michaela Johnson is a long way from her North Carolina home, so is her dad.

"That's my dad when he's wearing his uniform," she demonstrates on a pin.

Staff Seargeant Michael Johnson is a recon marine, now awaiting orders in Kuwait.

"We thought it would be neat if she could come into the classroom and tell about her daddy," family friend Michelle Smith said.

Smith and her husband met the Johnsons years ago. Smith is home in Ocilla while her husband is now stationed in Virginia. Michaela doesn't know how long she'll be apart from her father, but she knows he'll be happier with supplies collected by his new adopted children. 

"We can ask our moms or dads to go to the store and buy some of that stuff," student Ashley Clark shouts out.

"That's right that's what we are going to do," teacher Tracy Jones said. "Then we are going to send it over there to them."

Michael Johnson has already sent something back. "It's a letter from your daddy he loves you, misses you, and he can't wait to see you."

The rest of the class is getting something as well from Michaela and her dad, pins, a flag, and a better understanding of what's going on in our world

"A lot of kids, nobody ever explains that to them," Jones said. "The more you explain to a child about what's going on, the less afraid they are. One more reason for Michaela not to be afraid, something else that came in the mail, a copy of her daddy's dog tags.

Irwin Elementary is collecting mostly personal hygiene items like chapstick and hand lotion for their adopted marine. He says those are luxury items in the desert not supplied to the troops.

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