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Security checks welcome at Albany's airport

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –South Georgia air travelers are experiencing longer lines and tighter security checks following an attempted attack on an U-S airliner Christmas Day.

The Obama Administration admits the nation's security system failed when a 23 year old Nigerian tried to blow up a Northwest Flight over Detroit.

Al-Qaida has claimed responsibility.  The President and Secretary of Homeland Security say they have some work to do to reassure Americans that air travel is safe. But travelers we talked with at the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport say they're confident they are safe flying.

Julie Lengfelder said she figured that security at the airport in Albany would be extreme, as she and her dog Andy got ready for an 11:30 flight.

Lengfelder said "I called in advance and said should I prepare for anything and they said no. Just be a little bit early."

Lengfelder had to run her fingers through Andy's fur, while Transportation Safety Administration officers watched.

Everyone had to remove their shoes for inspection, but the Williams family also had to remove their scarves and coats so that inspectors could see underneath.

Teddy Williams said "I don't think the security is that bad, really. I don't notice too much difference between the security now and before."

But carry on bags and travelers were given a very thorough check before boarding. Passengers with liquid bottles with more than 3 ounces had to throw them out.

Shelby Sweeney flew in from Denver, and she said the security check in Albany is a lot more thorough and slower.

Sweeney said "Here it takes a lot longer to get your suitcase through. At DIA you just drop it off and you're done."

Alan Turner said "It was a little slower. I think there were doubling up, and doing extra pats and checks on people."

But everyone we talked with flying today said they welcomed the security checks.

 Lengfelder said "I have no qualms. I feel safe, and Andy travels really well."

And every traveler we talked with said they felt very safe flying today, despite Christmas Day's attempted attack.

The plane leaving Albany this morning was almost sold out, so clearly the Christmas Day attempted attack has not stopped Americans from flying.

AIrport officials say if you are flying, arrive early, prepared for a longer wait for security checks. They also suggest you pack light, because all your bags will be searched. If you don't have to carry liquids, don't. There is a 3 ounce limit on all liquids, gels, and aerosols.

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