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Schools still closed by flooding

March 10, 2003

COFFEE CO. - Follow the yellow brick road, and you find, not brick, not asphalt, but a dirt road turned to mud and rivers running through it by a weeks worth of heavy rains.

"We have to take mud out and put gravel in to get it to where busses can travel," Coffee County Road Director Don Stokes said. 

At least nine roads were far from ready at sunrise Monday morning, marked by wash out and road closed signs. That's why the Coffee County School system made it a four day weekend.

"Still wet so asked Mr. Lee to close because one day would really help us dry it up and get around," Stokes said.

Some roads were difficult for even the repair crews to get down. Calls of vehicles stuck in the mud have been quite common the past few days. People living on washed out roads are asked to be patient, at least some motorists are listening.

"You can't tear up road overnight and can't put it back together overnight, road I live on tore up at both ends, it takes a while," Clark Holton said. He lives in the neighborhood. 

"We had crews out, Saturday, and Sunday and we'll be out until dark tonight," Stokes said. On Tuesday morning school busses will be back on the roads, hoping to avoid the remaining mud and wet spots.

Coffee County has nearly 700 miles of dirt roads and less than 400 miles of paved roads. They are using local option sales tax money to pave about 10 miles per year.

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