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Dog Loves to Shop

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

CAMILLA, GA (WALB) –  Hopefully most of you have your Christmas shopping finished.

In Camilla, there's someone who wouldn't mind shopping 365 days a year. She's got a little bit of a bad habit and she's notorious around town.

Lucy is not your run of the mill, Labrador retriever. At 5, um, 35 in dog years, she's the CEO of Labs Unlimited Gunsmith Shop in Camilla and owner Rick Boyles best friend.

"She goes upstairs and gets my slippers, she goes out every morning and gets the newspaper, she does all that, plus she's a hunter," said Boyles.

Like most women's she's got a weakness she's a shopper, just ask her. Lucy do you like to shop?

"Woof," said Lucy. We'll take that as a yes.

She is a little rough on the budget, but luckily customers are willing to shell out the dough.

"One day I had a gentleman he was picking up his gun repair and he laid 60 dollars here, she jumped up grabbed it and headed for the door," said Boyles.

We wanted to see this shop happy dog in action, but all I had was a buck.

"If you have your hands in your pockets, she thinks your going, she'll bark at you until you take your hands out of your pockets," said Boyles.

Dollar in hand, I mean mouth, Lucy was off.  With no thumbs she relies on the kindness of customers for help with the doors, dashing down the block and a little more help sent Lucy in her favorite store.

"She does have a charge account here, she's the only dog allowed to have a charge account in Camilla," said Vernon Twitty Jr.

Short on cash, Rick sent her in one day with an IOU. Not surprisingly sometimes the change at Twitty's can be a little wet.

"Some of them are a wet, yeah, some of them are pretty wet," said Twitty.

Lucy knows patience is a virtue, but if you throw a little cash around you get better service.

"She will bark at you to get your attention, she doesn't like to wait too long," said Twitty.

She's even worked out a good customer discount, for most customers a pig's ear is a $1.25.

"We make it even money for her," said Twitty.

Purchase made, it's back home from a busy day of buying, but that's not all she's brought in. "One day she came in with a ten dollar bill, I don't know where she got it," said Boyles.

She's earned a reputation in town.

"She's allowed one a day, otherwise she'd be 500 pounds," said Boyles.

She maybe hard on customers pockets, but it's been a boost to Camilla's economy, no bones about it.

If you want to see Lucy shop, you have to be in Rick's shop first thing in the morning. He only let's one customer a day treat Lucy to what's become a routine.

At home Ricky's also got a cat named Ethel, a pretty good companion for Lucy. Labs Unlimited is located at 22 S. Scott Street in Camilla. Twitty's Feed and Seed is two doors down.

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