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Shoppers find good deals at Goodwill

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Looking for a good deal? Goodwill is a good place to shop on a budget. As the tough economic times continue, more people are Christmas shopping at the Albany store this year. Donating items before the end of the year is also a good deal. You can get a tax break.

You can always find Gordon Rouse goodwill hunting. "Everyday," said Rouse.

Day after day, the store of used this and that is where he finds something new. "I basically buy anything that's a bargain," said Rouse, "I buy a lot of paintings, prints, super bargains there."

A few weeks ago, he paid $150 for exercise equipment. "Online it was over $1,200," said Rouse.

In the back of the store is what shoppers like Rouse's dreams are made of--donation destination. But those donations are down here in Albany. "Month to date, the Albany store is down 2-percent," said Albany Goodwill Store Manager Cecilia Rentz.

Shopping is up though. "We have a lot of regular customers that shop everyday. And we're seeing a lot of new faces too," said Rentz.

It seems more people are seeing the value in Goodwill shopping. "We have some good prices. You can't beat them," said Rentz.

"Just come on down. It's fun. You meet a lot of good people, good music. And you get a good deal," said Rouse.

Today's good deal for Rouse? Two bicycle seats and a bag for a whopping total of $8.10. It's enough to tide him over until the next hunt for that good bargain.

People are still donating items but the store manager says the biggest rush for donations comes the 30th and 31st. That's when cars wrap around the building with people making sure they get that tax break next year.

You can also always drop-off donations at those Goodwill boxes in several spots around Dougherty and Lee Counties.

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