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Both State and Defense rests in Buie trial

  Both the state and the defense has rested its case in the Don Buie trial.  The state dismissed one of the counts against the former Downtown Manager and ADICA CEO.  This morning, the defense began calling witnesses.  First on the stand was Michael Hill, a local radio personality.  He told jurors he participated in lunchtime and downtown events at Don Buie's request.  He testified there was often equipment rented from him, but not 350 dollars worth.  GBI agent Fred Wimberly was also called to testify about his investigation.  He testified Nicole Brown denied her initial affidavit that she cashed a 2,225 dollar check, and gave it to Buie.  She told the GBI initially she kept the entire amount, but later recanted that story and was charged.  The defense's final witness was ADICA member Andrew reed.  Don Buie did not testify.  Buie is charged with several counts of theft.  The trail started last Monday.

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