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Valdosta State May Escape Cuts


University president Ronald Zaccari says Valdosta State University may have escaped statewide budget cuts affecting most colleges and government programs.

Zaccari said -- quote -- "A lot of people rallied on our behalf and it appears we might have been spared."

Valdosta State officials feared they'd have to return 466-thousand dollar -- one percent of their 2003 budget -- to the state as the school is trying to grow. Zaccari said if Valdosta State had to make those cuts, it would threaten the school's ability to serve the 41 counties in the region.

The chancellor of the University System of Georgia, Tom Meredith, said -- quote -- "Five times in the last 15 months we have been asked to make budget cuts.

The results have taken a terrific toll on our campuses.

We have fewer faculty to deal with an increased demand on our services."

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