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Christmas tree sales slow this year

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – With the tough economic times, many South Georgians are cutting back this Christmas. Some folks are going to do without a Christmas tree.

For those who sell the trees, their lots are still too full for their liking.

Forget about trimming the tree this year it seems more people are doing without it all together.

"Fair," That's how Paul Eames describes this year Christmas tree sales at his lot, he's been selling them for 45-years.

"I've had several good years but they were five to eight years ago," said Eames.

This year the lot is fuller that he would like. On Friday the chainsaws were running less and trimming fewer tree trunks.

Workers would rather stay warm helping customers, instead they're waiting for them by the fire side.

Eames blames low sale numbers on the economy but says the weather isn't helping.

"It rained most of the day and I'm hoping tomorrow and Sunday it will clear off and get better," said Eames.

If the weather gets better so might his sales.

"Sold about what, 20 trees today," said Eames.

 This year it doesn't look like they'll sell out. The closer to Christmas Day it gets the more he's had to lower prices.

"I've already lowered them this year, price range for seven to eight foot were running $55 now they're down to $45," said Eames.

With foot traffic on the lot down Eames is optimistic that he'll get many of them sold.

"I want them to go I want to get something out of them, you see a whole lot full right now I'm hoping it'll get good before this weekend," said Eames.

For decades he's delivered wreaths and trees for free to his customers.

Last year he had to start charging them a $10 fee for delivery.

It's not much but with the rise in gas prices it was a necessary change to keep up with rough economic times.

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