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Guitarist will be heard at Carnegie Hall

March 7, 2003

Albany- Classical guitarist Carlos Barrientos plucks out the music on his guitar, keeps the beat with his feet, and writes from his heart using influences from his Central American roots.

Growing up in Honduras, Barrientos has been playing since the age of eight and now world renowned classical musician Maestro Carlos Barbosa-Lima will premiere one of Barrientos' pieces at Carnegie Hall.

Barrientos says on one hand he feels he deserves it, but on the other it like a dream come true. Though he excited about the idea, Barrientos is a little nervous about the maestro playing his song.

He describes it as a parent watching their child go to the prom for the first time, and they're hoping everything will go well.

While he says he'll be like a protective parent while he listens from the audience at Carnegie Hall, Barrientos says he knows his baby is in good hands.

Maestro Carlos Barbosa-Lima will give the New York premiere of "Love, Rio" on March 15th at Carnegie Hall. He'll also play the piece in London this year.

Barrientos plays each Friday night at Plantation Grill in Albany.

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