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Flooding closes schools

March 7, 2003

COFFEE CO. - Shannon Smith won't let raincovered roads slow him down, "Got four wheel drive, because I have to come through."

But both Coffee and Atkinson County Schools recognized driving down flooded roads would be a headache for bus drivers, parents, and teachers, so the parking lot was mostly empty on a rare flood day.

Most of the main roads in Coffee and Atkinson County are ok, but once you get on to the dirt roads they are impassable.

Concerns at the Alapaha river as well, where the USGS was monitoring rain guages and water levels. Some banks were overflowing, but the river is still 6 feet away from severe flood stage. But enough rain fell to fill ditches and roads in downtown Alapaha.

"Basically trying to get some water out of yards and open up pipes so people can get relief,"  

Everyone is keeping an eye on the skies, wondering how much more rain the region can take. The Satilla River which passes through Coffee County remains above flood stage. However with severe storms now out of the area, the flood watch has been cancelled.

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