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Water from Muckalee creeps into Lee subdivision

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LEE COUNTY, GA (WALB) – Wednesday night was a nervewracking one for some folks in Lee County. Flood water is still rising in some neighborhoonerve wrackingo doorsteps in the Lazy Acres subdivision. People there were watching it closely and working to keep it out of their homes.

At the Lazy Acres subdivision, the mood is anything but lazy for Karen Grove. "I did not anticipate coming home tonight to this at all," said Grove "been wading in the water all night long."

Along with wading through the water, she's working. She's putting sandbags down with neighbors after water from the Muckalee Creek surrounded homes. "Sandbagging around the doors and the garage, trying to keep as much dry as possible," said Grove.

"That's a lot of water," said Amy McCubbins.

Water is already covering some of the back steps of Amy McCubbins' home with at least four feet of water in some spots of her back yard. "There's nothing we really can do but make sure nothing gets damaged," said McCubbins.

Neighbors say Wednesday morning there was a little water, but no worries. "When I got home from work this evening it was in my front yard and couldn't really drive up in my driveway," said Grove. And they've never seen the Muckalee so up close and personal.

"Not this bad. The last time it flooded, it got all in the backyard. This is the first time I've seen it come into my front yard," said McCubbins.

But everyone seems optimistic that the water won't creep into their homes. "It's just nature," said McCubbins.

"Just hope and pray that everything is going to be fine," said Grove.

They'll certainly remember this busy night at Lazy Acres.

According to the weather service gauge on the Muckalee, the creek crested right at flood stage early Wednesday and is now receding.

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