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Brooks Co. family wants to stay warm

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Quitman, GA (WALB) – A Quitman family's only wish this Christmas is for adequate heating in the house they're renting. The family moved to Quitman from Miami because the cost of living was cheaper.

They don't have the best living conditions, but what bothers them most is not being able to stay warm.

The Freeman family says they were living in their vehicle in October in Quitman with no place to go until a man, now their landlord helped them out.

 "I said we need a place he said I got a house. It's not in the best condition. He said but it's livable. It's a roof over your head," said Minister James Freeman.

The house is a duplex off South Highland road in Quitman. One side of it has been condemned says the Brook County Building Inspector but the other side,where the family lives is in safe condition. However,they don't have an adequate heating unit.

 "I want my kids to be warm. I want them with heat," said Sereatha Freeman.

With some money they saved,they purchased two electric heaters and one gas heater around Thanksgiving. The gas heater burned Sereatha Freeman.

"I got burns on both my legs trying to keep warm that cold house," said Sereatha Freeman.

Before they purchased the heaters in early November,the family got sick.

 "All my kids and myself caught pneumonia and had to be rushed to the hospital," said Sereatha Freeman.

Sereatha and her husband James are both disabled and cannot work. She gets seizures and he has heart problems. They have five children, one of them is autistic.

After paying rent and utilities with their disability and welfare checks the family says they're left with about 100 dollars a month. This pays for gas and toiletry items.

They use their EBT card for food,but most of all they just want heat.

Since the Freemans have lived there they say they've had a little help from their friend Judy McRee repairing the light fixtures, adding gas lines underneath the house. Repairing broken windows,and patching up holes with duct tape to keep rats and insects out.

  • If you want to help the Freemans call them at 229-263-5595.

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