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South Georgia law enforcement welcomes new technology

March 7, 2003

Lowndes County - Seargent Bobby Benefield is excited about the new Mobile Data Computers. "Once the call comes in, it immediately pops up on our computer and by just touching the screen, we can communicate with the dispatcher," said Benefield.

Beginning Friday, the new technology can be found in all Lowndes County deputies' and Valdosta Police officers' patrol units. "We've got them in 170 cars," said Nick Lacey, Lowndes EMA director.

From their own vehicle, law enforcement personnel have direct access to crime fighting databases, connection with the dispatcher's computer, and connection with other patrol units. "It will clear up traffic on our radios and give us more information about what's going on at the call before we actually arrive," said Benefield. "We can also do most anything out of our vehicle, so we'll have to spend a lot less time at the jail."

The new system will put a big dent in emergency response times. "It will pop up on the screen instantaneously and we can get to the scene within minutes, instead of having to communicate back and fourth on radios about where to go, how to get there, and what's going on," said Benefield.

Law enforcement say the new system should provide the public with a better sense of security, and will allow officers to be more effective and efficient in their duties.

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