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Residents keep eye on Kinchafoonee Creek

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –People who live along the kinchafoonee creek are keeping a watchful eye on the water levels.

Water has already started creeping into some yards.

This isn't the first time Austin has seen water overflowing from the Kinchafoonee creek into her backyard.

"It's come up probably five and half, six feet since 6 o'clock this morning," said the Lee County resident.

Same goes for Lee county resident Robert Clements, who also lives near the creek.

"We've seen water rising rapidly from Saturday to Sunday it rose almost 6 feet," said Clements.

In March water came all the way up to the windows on the bottom floor of her house.

"It's happened really fast and it was really scary first time anything has happed like that," said Austin.

Now she's keeping a watchful eye.

That's a foot and a half above flood stage but well below any level to create problems.

"I keep going to the window watching, calling my husband letting him know what's going on," said Austin.

And she doesn't plan on waiting around to see just how high it can get.

"Three more feet and I'm out of here," she said.

EMA director James Howell says the river is supposed to crest right over 16-feet which is a foot lower than what residents saw last December.

"Last December it crested a little over 17 and a quarter we didn't get water inside any houses on the Kinchafoonee last December," said Howell.

But more rain could cause a problem.

"Right now any additional rain we certainly don't want because we are at total saturation on ground," said Howell.

Howell says any more rain will become run off.

"We can take it a little at a time but what we can't take is 3, 4, 5 inches all at once like this weekend..that would be horrible for us right now," said Howell.

He says if you were around this time last year and didn't get any water inside your home you should be good this year too.

The Kinchafoonee is forecast to crest at 16.6 feet early Wednesday and fall below flood stage Friday evening.

The Muckalee Creek in Lee County is expected to remain below flood stage.

The Flint River in Albany is expected to crest at 21 and a half feet Wednesday.

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