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Busy day at the post office

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By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – A long day on the job for postal workers.  In fact, Monday is the busiest shipping day of the whole year for the postal service. It was certainly evident at the Meredyth Drive post office in Albany as people lined up to mail their Christmas packages.

Sending a gift to Grandma and Granddad? Better hurry up, and be prepared to wait in line at the post office. This is the busiest shipping week of the year.

Santa's got a list, and so does Dana Cimino. "Ohio, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania." Sending a little Christmas joy around the country. "It's just something you want to make sure they get there on time, the one time of the year, you want the gifts to get there."

So that's what she and scores of other people in Albany were doing Monday. Sending their Christmas packages across the country, and around the world.

Postal Employee Andrew Skandamis said, "It's by far the worst so far. Best I should say." A non stop line of letters and packages sealed with love. Many of the packages going to troops serving overseas.

Skandamis said, "I would say every other customer right now is military. It's a hot item. Lot of stuff going overseas. That's good to see."

One box is full of Christmas cards and candy canes. "A little piece of Christmas." Since the soldiers can't come home for the holidays.  Tonya Harris said, "Overwhelmed. Overwhelmed that they get to open that. They don't know who they are from, but we know about them and we love them, so it's just really neat."

And it's neat, too, that Santa can be packed up and sent hundreds of miles away.  Duster Burnett said, "Mailing Christmas presents to my children out in California and all their Santa Claus too. Even though they're older now, you know Santa Claus never forgets no matter how far and wide you live from Mama."

But even gifts from Santa must be sent in time to get there by Christmas. "A very busy day, very busy. My sister works for the post office and she told me to get it in the mail today, so I followed orders."

In order to ship Happy Holidays their way.  Even though Monday is expected to be the busiest shipping day of the year, the amount of mail will likely be down this year from last.  The post office expects to process 830 million pieces of mail.

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