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Water Gas and Light worker injured on job

March 6, 2003

Albany--An Albany Water Gas and Light employee was badly burned in an accident Thursday morning. The W.G.L. worker was trying to put a temporary water tap on the line into the Bridge House on Front Street.

 At 9:50, he cut into a power line. Miraculously, he was not electrocuted. The 35 year old worker was in this hole with two other employees, cutting into the water line, when he hit the main feeder line that powers Downtown Albany. That line carries 12 thousand volts.

 Eyewitness Ken Cribb said "I heard an explosion. That was when I started making my way back over here to see what was going on. As I was coming closer it exploded a second time. That's when I saw the guys coming out of the hole, taking the other guy to the hospital."

He was not electrocuted, but his gas powered saw burst into flames. You can see the damage. The employee suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his arms and face.

W.G.L. spokesperson Lorie Farkas said "When I got to the hospital, he was awake, he was lucid, and his concern was for his family. He was telling them to relax, that he was going to be all right."

The employee has been transported to the Augusta Burn Unit for treatment. An investigation into the accident is continuing.

The other two W-G-and-L Employees in the hole at the time of the accident were not injured.

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