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Bag lunches big hit

March 6, 2003

Albany-- A typical bag lunch might include a sandwich, an apple, maybe a drink. Well, Lincoln Fundamental students are getting more creative with theirs. This week, the elementary kids are preparing meals for visiting college students that are building a Habitat for Humanity house in Albany. And the youngsters are serving up a surprise.

Fourth grader Tierra Brown is passing out goodie bags to hungry college students, "They've been working so hard so I want to help out." After a morning of hard work building a Habitat House, these volunteers look forward to a good meal. But, it's what the meal comes in that makes their lunch break special.

College student Katie Hanson examines her lunch bag, "This one says 'Thanks Habitat for Humanity' and has a cute drawing of a white house on the front and the back." The Lincoln Fundamental kindergartners and first graders are responsible for these works of art that are quickly becoming prized possessions.

College student Kayla Riegel says, "We sit here and talk about the pictures and what they say. The kids write things like 'We love you' and 'Thanks for the hard work'. It's inspirational--I've kept the bags all week."

Katie Hanson agrees, "Yeah, I have mine from each day. I'm saving them and some of the girls are so we can put them in our scrap books." Good things come in small packages, but in this case the best part is the package.

This is the sixth year Lincoln Fundamental has been preparing lunches for the Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Challenge.

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