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South Georgia students send letters to U.S. troops

March 6, 2003

Lowndes County - David Deacon's father is one of many U.S. troops defending our country. "He's in Columbus right now and then he'll go to Turkey," said Deacon. "I miss him a lot."

David and his first grade class are sending a message to his father and the thousands of other heroes deployed to the Middle East. "We want to thank them for fighting for us and making the United States safe," said Courtney Moore.

"I know they're young, but they know a lot about what's going on in the world, and wanted to let the troops know we support them," said Kerri Dean, Teacher.

Across the hall, kindergartners are also writing letters. "We want to thank them for protecting our freedom," said Hope Weisbrod.

Sketches of American flags, soldiers, and encouraging words cover their pages to let troops know they are missed and appreciated. "We just finished a lesson on America, so even though they're five and six years old, they know what freedom and patriotism means, and that's what our troops are fighting for," said Tara Tipton.

The cards may not reach all the troops, but the students hope their heroes know how grateful they are for their bravery.

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