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Salvation Army needs your help

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – The Salvation Army needs your help to continue providing services to people in need. The biggest fundraiser of the year for the organization is going on right now. But money isn't coming in as expected.

You probably expect to hear bells ringing this time of year as you head out to do your Christmas shopping. A little red bell ringing, to encourage you to drop money into a red kettle.

That was the case at Sam's club in Albany Friday, and folks were generous, the kettle was almost full. Unfortunately, overall, collections are down, about 8% over this point last year, and last year they were down over the year before.

Capt. Doug McClure, Salvation Army "If everybody would just put a dollar or two, it doesn't have to be a large amount of money, just a dollar or two every time you see one of those red kettles, it really adds up over time."

Volunteer Leland Burkart said,  "All charities are really feeling the crunch of the economic conditions and the Salvation Army does a great job of distributing these funds to the needy people, so we hope people will continue to be generous as they have been."

In addition to being generous with your money, the Salvation Army hopes for you to be generous with your time as well. They are in desperate need of people to stand in front of stores and ring this little red bell in order to bring in more money for the services they provide.

The Salvation Army in Albany hopes to bring in about $70,000 this season. They say they can still reach the goal if everyone who passes by a kettle will donate just one dollar.

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