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Where in the World are these caskets?

March 7, 2003

Take some weatherstripping, an interior, and some handles, and you actually have a way to take go from the game to the graveyard. These are casket, not car, parts. It seems now you can take the thrill of the game and the glory days of college to the grave.

"What better way to celebrate the times than the ones that were for most the year in college," says Scott Walston.

All the big schools are here, but you might be surprised to learn that the highest sales are not going to members of the football team.

"The fan base is big if not bigger than the graduate base."

Woman also make up a large portion of the sales to people who want to make a final statement of who they are, and pay homage to an institution that enriched their lives. Scott is not in a big hurry to do that just yet.

"No but a true businessman believes in his own product so I will be in one."

So what school has the ultimate fans? That is why we are here. Is it Kentucky, Iowa, Notre Dame? It seems Husker mania can be found in a grave yard near you. "Our number one seller is Nebraska. We sent probably 50 caskets up there in a year."

And it seems Scott has dug up an idea that will allow him to bury lots of cash. He now has caskets for 52 schools in 16 states. That means 400 casket sales a year. It seems great ideas keep surfacing at Collegiate Memorials in Macon.

Casket sticker shock is about the same as regular caskets prices-- $3200 to $4900 depending on wood or steel. And if you recognized some of those colors, that's because the paint is actually auto paint from current makes and models.

Collegiate Memorials is near Eisenhower Parkway off Interstate 475 in Macon.



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