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Pump failure left city taps dry

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – For more than 24-hours, the whole City of Damascus was without water after the pump to the city's well failed.

Water is now running, but it's only temporary fix.

Damascus city leaders knew they had a problem for a number of years, at the last city council meeting engineers warned a failure could happen any time.

They're working on getting an entire new well, but they had to make emergency repairs the current system first.

The pipes running to about 150 Damascus homes ran dry on Wednesday.

"We started receiving calls from residents that the water pressure was low," said Gloria Wynds, Damascus City Clerk.

"Can't do anything, mop, wash, can't do anything," said Cusandra Alexander, Damascus Resident.

The problem, is at the pumping station to the city's well.

"We were hoping this didn't happen before we got our new well," said Nathaniel Thompson, City Council Member.

The turbine between the pump and the well failed.

"The line shaft turbine went out and we had to extract it from the well, the turbine is the pumping unit that brings the water from the well," said Thomas Bradford, Bradford Well Drilling.

At sundown Thursday, they were still working to get the water flowing again; after the well pump failed the city started handing out free water for drinking and cooking.

"Nantze Springs brought over 504 gallons of water," said Wynds.

City leaders are in the process of securing another well site to replace the existing one.

"We prayed we could get by but it just happened," said Thompson.

"Tough time, but you got to live with it," said Alexander.

Workers say this is often the problem with older pumping systems.

"The complete job we won't be able to finish with a permanent pump until sometime next week," said Bradford.

The City of Damascus just received a grant from the department of community affairs to help get a new well up and running.

That's still in the planning stage; the current problem could take up to $20,000 to fix.

A boil water advisory is still in effect for all residents of Damascus for any water used for drinking or cooking until they make sure the water coming from the new pump is safe.

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