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Santa hears sadness from kids this year

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  The holidays are supposed to be a happy time, especially for children. But even many kids are feeling the stress of the recession.

Our unemployment rate remains in double digits. And many families are struggling this Christmas season. That bad news is even reaching Santa Claus.

Santa Claus at the Albany Mall says you can tell there are hard times in the economy. Some children sitting on his lap, instead of just their Christmas wishes, are telling heart breaking stories about trouble at home

Santa says in his 12 years of giving out Christmas Cheer, this is the toughest. "I believe so, sure do," he said.

The children were full of joy, but Santa says he has seen more children with sad stories this year than ever before.  "They were foreclosing their home and taking their car. It's sad. Really is. But we got to keep looking up."

We heard Santa say to a little girl: "You been a good girl, too. All right. Ole Santa gonna see what he can do about it, too."

Santa says he has heard about Cooper layoffs and job losses from kids on his lap. And says he worries that some kids' Christmas this year will be more tragic than Merry.

A child told Santa, "I want a new bicycle, Santa."

"A new bicycle. What color?"

"Pink. A pink bicycle."

This Santa says he knows the Christmas spirit is something special to kids, and he always has a message of hope. "I say there's a bright day coming. Yep."

Santa Claus wishes this Christmas is one of joy for all South Georgians. He hopes all of Santa's helpers in the community will be generous this year, and donate presents to community organizations giving Christmas gifts to children in need. He says the need is great this year, and he needs the extra helping hand.

Santa Claus will be at the Albany Mall listening to Christmas wishes everyday until Christmas Eve.


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