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The turtle stew heats up

March 5, 2003

Albany - After months of raising money, the hands-on work finally begins on the Turtle Grove Play Park. Wednesday, hundreds of volunteers started building the park on the corner of Broad Avenue and Front Street in downtown Albany.

"This week we will be bending rebar and pouring concrete," said Hollyn Cohen, Jr. League of Albany. "We hope to finish much of the heavy construction in by the end of the week."

And, volunteers are doing the dirty work. "We're a group of 15 retired guys who build handicap ramps wherever they're needed," said volunteer Joe Paquette. Paquette and his friends call themselves the Ramp Builders."Some of us our getting away from 'honey-do' projects," joked Paquette. "Everybody should be able to enjoy this project."

Students from Turner Job Corps our doing their part by handling the mason work. But, no talent is required to volunteer. "Many of our community volunteers have been impressed with the work they've been able to do. Come tomorrow and we'll put you to work," said Cohen.

There's a lot of work to be done to turn the plot of land into a park everyone can enjoy. The second phase of building is scheduled for fall of this year. Volunteers will add the finishing touches, such as decorative tiles and those huge turtles you see around town.

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