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Baconton Charter School has growing pains

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Baconton,  GA (WALB) – More than half the students at Baconton Community Charter school have classes in mobile units behind the school building. And that creates a safety concern anytime there's bad weather.

But this rapidly growing school has big plans for the future.

When the rain just won't let up, kids at Baconton Community Charter School put on their rain boots and prepare to get wet.

"Every time it rains I get soaked," said Spencer Mathis.

"It's kinda loud in here when it rains and it kinda leaks," said Matthew Dean.

This 6th grade class is one of more than two dozen classes held in a trailer, which creates more than just an inconvenience.

"If we have a tornado these trailers aren't safe," said Allissa McCook.

On rainy and stormy days teachers and faculty are on high alert, because if high winds come, they have to move everyone outside, inside.

"Then when you go to the secondary classroom, it's hot and crowded," said Principal Lynn Pinson.

And chaotic. Considering more than half the student body is in the trailers.

"All middle, all high school, and two elementary grades are in mobile units," said Pinson.

The charter school opened in 2000 with a little more than 100 students. It's grown every year, and every year they've had to add more mobile units. Now it houses 729 students, and is still growing.

 "That's why weren't so excited for the loan to close and we can begin construction on the new building which will sit right over there," said Pinson.

A village with middle and high school classrooms, a new lunchroom, and a student center.

"Best case scenario these mobile units are coming out this summer and we're in our new building by the beginning of next year," said Pinson.

And you won't here any complaints about that. Right now the school leases the modular units for ten thousand dollars a year.

They say the new village won't be too much of an extra cost because the money spent on the trailers will be transferred to a mortgage payment.

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