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Moody canines prepare for deployment

March 5, 2003

Lowndes County - Moody canines are some of the base's most valuable airmen. "These dogs are unmatched and their abilities are greater than any human or machine we could use," said Staff Sgt. Gary Reace.

Edo will soon travel to the Middle East where he'll play a crucial role in our defense. "With his extreme sense of sight, smell, and hearing, he can detect any sort of explosive from miles away," said Reace.

"We can put them up to 12 miles from where we've actually set up camp and they can detect when someone may be moving in where they shouldn't be," said Tech. Sgt. Mark Evans.

While deployed, the dogs receive the royal treatment. "I guarantee you they don't miss a meal like we might," said Evans. "They're brushed and washed every day, always played with, and given medical assistance whenever needed."

The canines eventually retire from the military and are even awarded medals for their heroic efforts. Of the 26 dogs in the unit, nine are scheduled to deploy this month, and more will most likely leave soon afterwards.

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