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Co-ed murdered in Statesboro


STATESBORO, GA - (WTOC) A shocking crime unnerves the campus of Georgia Southern University in Statesboro. A 19-year old girl was murdered inside her apartment.

The body of Brandi Danielle Davis, of McDonough, was found after her parents called her apartment manager saying they couldn't reach her. 

Police are trying to figure out who killed her and why.

Shock and sorrow hangs over Statesboro like the rain clouds in the sky. Everyone is talking about the young woman killed in her own apartment.

"I heard last night when my aunt called me making sure I was okay, because she'd just heard a student got killed in the area where I live," said Katie Gilmer, a GSU Sophomore.

The managers of Campus Crossings called police Tuesday after they found 19-year-old Brandi Davis dead in her apartment. Police say relatives had been calling her since Monday night and called the apartment staff to check on her.

Brandi was a student at nearby Ogeechee Tech and was from McDonough, outside Atlanta.

Even with the apartment complex right off the Georgia Southern campus, within any building you might find Georgia Southern, Ogeechee Tech or even East Georgia college students living here.

"Everyone seems close and tight knit," said Caroline Soares, a GSU Senior. "You wouldn't expect this to happen at all, so it is alarming, very alarming."

"It's really scary and all of us are confused, and don't know how to take safety on campus," said Ashley Sepaniak, a GSU Freshman.

Major J. R. Holloway with Statesboro Police says they're looking at all possibilities. But he doesn't think other students - or their parents - need to worry about their safety. "Absolutely not. No reason to panic. We feel this is an isolated case."

Holloway feels this is someone who had a connection to her and not a random out of the blue crime.

"College is supposed to be the best years of your life," said Katie Gilmer. "Hers was taken away. That's a rough thing to think about."

And many will be thinking about it until the killer is caught.  

Officials at Ogeechee Tech say Davis was scheduled to take her last final exam Tuesday night.

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