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Small business given nudge to create jobs

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Unemployed South Georgians continue to struggle to find work, but there could be help on the horizon.

Tuesday, President Obama rolled out a plan to eliminate some taxes for small businesses. Since two-thirds of jobs are created by small business and 90-percent of Georgia businesses employ fewer than 50-people, that could lead to job growth here.

The Goodwill Career Center sets a goal every month to place between 50 and 65 employees. Last month was the first time in several months that they fell short of that goal because they say there just aren't enough jobs available in southwest Georgia.

Melissa Hall's job search is a full time job. After 10 months of looking, her husband landed a construction job here in Albany, but she's had no luck.

"I'm a machine operator. I was hoping to get a job at Procter and Gamble or the Miller Company," said Melissa Hall.

Their openings are scarce. Goodwill Career Center managers say many businesses didn't add many seasonal employees either.

"We had gotten our hopes up that come November, December that we would see an influx, an increase of part time jobs if nothing else, we have not seen that," said Crystal Askew, Goodwill Career Center Manager.

Small business owner Bo Henry is adding another restaurant to his business holdings and hiring 35 employees, but it isn't cheap.

"It's tough, it cost money to have employees and we have 130 to 150 employees according to what time of year and employees cost money you don't just pay their salary, you pay social security on them and medicare on them," said Bo Henry, Henry Campbell's co-owner.

The President's proposal to cut taxes could help him.

"Anything that the government can do to make it better and easier for smaller business it makes it where you can hire and employ more people," said Henry.

State leaders say it's what's needed to grow jobs.

"We need to have an equal focus on small business and entrepreneurialism. If you look at any economic reports job growth over the next decade is going to come from new venture in small business," said Karen Handel, Georgia Secretary of State.

Jobs that will put people like Melissa Hall back to work. Bo Henry will hire new employees soon with the opening of his new restaurant next week.

The Goodwill Career Center also plans to hold a job fair after the first of the year in hopes of putting more people back to work.

Manpower Employment Outlook surveys predict Atlanta's job market will be stagnant while the Columbus job market is predicted to be among the strongest in the nation.

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