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Albany loses a fight over water contamination

March 4, 2003

Albany - The Albany man the city accused of contaminating groundwater wins a long legal battle. A Superior Court Judge dismissed a lawsuit against Bubber Pippin and Sani-Agri Services following a bench trail.

In 1998, the city sued Pippin and Sani-Agri Services for allegedly contaminating groundwater by spreading sludge on the land on Old Pretoria Road. On Monday, Superior Court Judge Steven Goss dismissed the case citing a lack of evidence that the sludge caused the elevated nitrate levels in the water.

"We have never contaminated the land," said Pippin. "We live on this land and have raised our children here so why would we harm the area."

The city's suit against Pippin came after 109 residents sued the city because of the well-water contamination. The City paid the residents $1,000,000 to settle that suit.

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