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A shocking fish tale

March 4, 2003

Albany - One Albany man came back from a fishing trip with a tale that you might not believe even if you saw it with your own eyes. Just over a week ago, Bill Thompson was fishing in a bass tournament on Lake Seminole when he and his fishing partner were caught in a fast moving storm.

"It was raining so hard that we couldn't see the shore," said Thompson. He was standing in his boat with his fishing rod in hand when it happened. "All of a sudden I felt a huge shock and I fell to the bottom of the boat. I'm not sure where the lightning came from, but it went through my fishing rod and sent a shock through my body."

Luckily Thompson wasn't hurt and came home from the fishing trip with only a shocking story to tell.

Ranger Scott Carroll with Department of Natural Resources says boaters must pay close attention to the weather when out on the lake. "If a fisherman is standing on his boat in the middle of a lake with a fishing rod in his hand, he's like a huge lightning rod," said Carroll.

Carroll says boaters should seek shelter if the weather starts turning severe and be prepared. "Fisherman should always carry appropriate weather gear and life jackets just in case. And, make sure your boat is working properly so you're not caught in a storm with a boat that can't get you back to the shore," said Carroll.

Remember that storms are unpredictable and can move in quickly, so real in your lines and call it a day when ominous clouds start rolling in. Ranger Carroll says if you cannot find shelter from a storm while on the water lie in the bottom of your boat until the weather passes.

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