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Teenager shot in face by brother

March 4, 2003

Mitchell County - A South Georgia teenager is recovering Tuesday night after an accidental shooting. The boy's brother shot him in Mitchell County.

The teenager was shot at close range in his mouth.  Eighteen-year-old Deshon Dewayn Almond was shot with a .22-caliber revolver Saturday evening. He's now out of the hospital.

The brothers were at their Mitchell County home on Baggs Ferry Road, just outside of Camilla. Investigators believe Almond's 16-year-old brother had the revolver in his hand when it went off.

The bullet passed through his lip and busted a tooth in his upper jaw.  The bullet broke apart, which may have saved his life.

Of accidental deaths such as drownings, fire and poisoning, gun deaths rank the lowest.  According to the National Safety Council, more than 97,000 Americans died from accidental injuries, 600 were caused by firearms. Most deaths were caused by motor vehicle crashes.

The number of fatal gun deaths has drastically decreased across the nation over the past 10 years. In Georgia in 1981 there were 84 deaths. That was down to 18 deaths in 1999.

Part of the decrease has to do with firearm safety. If gun owners know how to handle their weapons and kids are educated, there's less of a chance to get hurt or killed.

American Outdoor Adventures in Lee County is right on target when it comes to gun safety. Worker, Allen Miller, says, "We always go over safety features of the firearm they are purchasing."

The key is to pass it on to kids to avoid curiosity. Miller explains, "If they bring one home they should talk to them (children), show them and even teach them how to use it, that prevents a lot of accidents."

According to the National Rifle Association, there are three main gun safety rules. Number one, keep the gun unloaded until ready to use. Miller adds, "Always assume the firearm is loaded."

Number two, keep your finger off the trigger. Miller says, "That goes back to assuming the gun is loaded, you never put finger on trigger until ready to fire."

Number three, pay attention to where the gun is pointed. Gun Manager, Thomas Haviland, says, "Unloading and loading, keep firearms pointed in safe direction just in case an innocent bystander is around."

American Outdoor Adventures also has free safety brochures,  gun safes and gun locks which means there should be no excuse for a accidental shooting.

National Safety Council says firearm safety has been successful. Accidental firearm deaths have been reduced to less than one percent of all accidental deaths in the nation.

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