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Students hunt for paranormal activity

 By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Paranormal activity is something a lot of people wonder about.

As part of his senior project, one Albany High School senior decided to investigate if any ghosts live in the high school.

Fredrick Thornton brought along classmates and teachers to stay at the high school overnight from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. to see what they could discover.

"I want to find some ghosts-something, anything,"Thornton said.

A few minutes into our interview he already saw something. The warm hallway turned cold. Southwest Georgia Paranormal Haunting Investigators used a K2 meter to pick up electromagnetic waves which may or may not sense a ghost.

We didn't see or hear anything so we went to the next place students believe is haunted-Melinda Suber's classroom.

They associate ghosts with a mannequin in the room. About this time, my battery started to drain and so did the investigator's flashlight. They say ghosts are known to drain batteries.

"I love this stuff! It doesn't scare me a bit and I just love to find out the unknown," Melinda Suber said.

Next, we ventured to the gym. It's believed to sit on an Indian burial ground. Students took pictures hoping to find a figure. They did find an orb or energy source believed to be present in haunted places.

Ghosts supposedly haunt the girls locker room too. Students say the showers turn on by themselves and people hear footsteps. We tried to get in with a key, but something was keeping us.

"I haven't changed the locks," Suber said.

Just as we left the Gym, Thornton heard someone whisper his name in his ear. That's really just the beginning for Thornton and his ghost hunters who found the ghost presence they were looking for.

The next morning, after the WALB cameras left, they said a ghost pulled the teacher's hair. They listened to recording devices and they say someone was asking them why they were there.

Students and teachers say the ghosts also talked to them by turning a flash light on and off to answer questions.

This may have all been a coincidence but students and teachers are convinced they encountered an intelligent haunting during this investigation.

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