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New kids on the block

March 4, 2003

It's just the second week of practice, but already Sherwood Christian Academy head soccer coach Joshua McFarlin can tell things are coming together. "Last week was our first full week of practice for some of these girls. (It was the) First time some of these girls have ever touched a soccer ball, and at the end of the week we actually looked like a soccer team," Sherwood Christian Academy coach Joshua McFarlin said.

Which isn't bad considering, up until last week Sherwood Christian didn't have a soccer team. "These girls may not walk out there and blow people away but athletically we're talented enough and gifted enough just as athletes to get involved to play and to be successful early," McFarlin said.

But the fact that the Lady Eagles are even on the field practicing for their first game this week is an accomplishment in itself. The process of starting up a soccer program at Sherwood Christian Academy began last April. Junior Kelly Johnson said, "Actually we went up to him (Coach McFarlin) and we were talking to him about how we wanted to play soccer. We wanted a soccer team. And he said, 'All right I played soccer in college I'll do the best I can to get Ms. Hager to let us have a soccer team.'"

The response was overwhelming. "We have 18 girls playing varsity, and 20 playing junior varsity. Last year we didn't have a program. So this year to have 38 girls walk in here and say, 'I want to play', I thought was a pretty good measure (of excitement)," McFarlin said.

And even though some of those girls have no prior playing experience they're all looking forward to making history this Friday night, as Sherwood Christian Academy plays their first ever high school soccer game. "I hope we win. It will just be exciting, I hope we set a good precedent," freshman Rebekah Matthews said. "We're really nervous, but I think everybody's pretty happy that we've gotten this far," sophomore Brooke Regan added.

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