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Recent rains cause problems for farmers

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By Jay Polk - bio | email

BAKER COUNTY, GA (WALB) – If you've looked up at all in the last few months, you've seen a lot of dark clouds. While Albany saw below normal rainfall for November.  For the year, the city is more than 4 inches above the normal. And, as usual, the farmers are the ones feeling the effects of all that rain.

"The rainfall has interrupted the whole process. From planting to harvest," said Rad Yager, the UGA Extension Agent for Dougherty County.

One big crop that was affected by the big rains was the biggest crop to farmers in our region.  Cotton.

"Our cotton harvest is about 20 per cent behind schedule. Our grades are going to suffer a little bit," said Yager.

But cotton didn't suffer as much as some other crops.

"Soybeans are suffering a big hit. The moisture," said Yager.

And the wet ground is causing other problems that you might not have thought about.

"It's causing a huge problem for our peanut harvest. We've got some big equipment to get through these fields and it just won't stand up," said Yager.

With the delay in harvesting the Fall crops, some of the winter crops are being planted late. But some of the winter crops actually need some moisture.

Yager said, "most of our grazing crops such as oats and rye are already in place. They've been fertilized. They're enjoying this rain."

And even though that the rains came at the wrong time for farmers, for the most part there have been some good things happening in the fields this year.

"Our crop yields have been excellent. Corn was the only crop that didn't like the extra moisture that we got," said Yager.

But now, no matter what farmers are growing, they're hoping that rain gauges around the region will be less busy in the coming months.

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