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Reddy Ice investigation expanded

March 3, 2003

Albany -- Three commercial ice machines were seized today in the ongoing investigation into possible embezzlement at Albany Reddy Ice Company. Two former employees are said to have illegally provided Reddy Ice machines to businesses and kept the money for themselves. And there may be even more workers involved.

And as the investigation broadens, the financial records of three businesses in Dougherty, Lee and Mitchell Counties are searched. 11 o-clock Dougherty District Attorney Ken Hodges and Dougherty County Sheriff's Investigators served a search warrant at Pinecliff Peanut and Grain Company in Mitchell County.

Hodges said "We're here in Mitchell County to serve 4 search warrants. We've got locations in Dougherty and Lee Counties that we are executing search warrants on as we speak. Hopefully the information we gather will give us all we need to complete the investigation."

 Two 12 ton ice machines that investigators say belong to Reddy Ice sit on trailers at Pinecliff's Cooler Number One facility. How they got there is part of the investigation. Hodges said "I can tell you that there are several ice machines of Reddy Ice that are missing, and on locations of this farm operation."

 February 7th Reddy Ice Corporation in Dallas fired Glenn Miller as the Albany Plant Manager after an audit showed irregularities. Sheriff's investigators were notified that eight commercial ice machines were missing along with 200 thousand dollars worth of goods. Miller's home was searched February 13th.

Today investigators searched the home and business of Miller's relative, Dwight "Skip" Pannell , and his father's home, looking for financial records. They also searched the home and business of Jimmy Taylor, former Plant Engineer at Reddy Ice.

 Weaver says Taylor was fired in early February. Behind Taylor's A-1 Refrigeration business on Ledo Road another of Reddy Ice's ice machines was confiscated by investigators.

Taylor's lawyer, Craig Mathis, says they are cooperating, but the D.A. is grand standing. Mathis said "Mr. Taylor has cooperated with and met with investigators in this case. Certainly everything that they are doing, it's just they are on a witch hunt."

No one has been arrested or charged with any crimes in the investigation into Reddy Ice.

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