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Thieves hit Blakely gas station and dollar store

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BLAKELY,  GA (WALB) – The Early County sheriff needs your help to catch some thieves. A burglar hit a convenience store early Wednesday just a couple of days after a robber took money at a Dollar General Store.

We have surveillance video from both crimes and investigators hope you'll recognize the thieves.

The Pure south gas station in Blakely got a new front door window Wednesday afternoon because early Wednesday morning a man used a brick to shatter the glass and break in.

Here's video showing what he did once he got inside.

"There were two cash registers in the store. He used an unknown object to pry open the first cash register," said Investigator Tim Hardrick.

After taking the money he moved on to the second register and stole more cash. On his way out the door he decided he wanted a smoke, too, so he turned around and took a pack of Newport cigarettes.

Some people who live in the small town are frustrated. Because on Sunday the Dollar General was robbed.

Take a look at this surveillance tape and keep your eye on the man in the hoody.

"When he got to the register he didn't appear to have any money on him," said Investigator Hardrick.

So he walked around a bit and asked another shopper to loan him some change to purchase a candy bar. Watch as the woman next to him hands the cashier the money and within seconds the robber casually leaned over the counter, nearly cleared out the register, and left.

Investigators hope if nothing else other store employees will learn from the clerk in this video who immediately put his hands in the air even though the robber appeared unarmed.

"We would encourage anyone in that situation not to try and stop them just let them get what they are going to get and let us take over there," said Investigator Hardrick.

But now the sheriff's office is asking for your help. They want you to take a good look at the thieves in both of the videos.

Investigators say there's always a spike in crime during the holidays. And If you know anything, call them at 723-3158.

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