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Four arrested with counterfeit bills

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ARLINGTON,  GA (WALB) – A sharp cashier helped put four suspected counterfeiters in jail in Arlington.

Police say the suspects passed fake $50 and $100 bills at various businesses. They had $700 in counterfeit bills with them when they got arrested.

When a woman tried to purchase a few items using a $100 bill at the Super dollar in Arlington the cashier did more than just check it with a counterfeit pen he took the time to feel the bill and raise it up to the light. He turned her away and called police.

Cashiers at the Arlington Super Dollar submit every large bill they receive to the light test.

"I'm holding this $100 bill up to see if it's fake, but it's not because I see the face over here to the right hand corner," said Debbie McCoy, a Super Dollar Cashier.

And use these special markers during almost every transaction. Their astuteness paid off on Friday when a woman tried to pass a fake 100 dollar bill.

"The lady said she had washed it in her pants, we said we couldn't except the money, so she left the store," said McCoy.

The woman in their store was 38-year-old Chandrise Ross. Police say Ross, her 19-year-old son Andre, 21-year-old Derrick Moore and 26-year-old Regis Hightower were working together Friday afternoon going store to store making small purchases with counterfeit bills.

"What they had done was bleach a five dollar bill and printed 50's and 100's over it," said Police Chief Casey Taylor.

Police arrested the foursome around 4pm in their vehicle only an hour after their plan went into action. The group split up and passed fake bills at five Arlington businesses including Jerry's Country Meats and Taylor's Grocery as seen in this video.

But it was the cashier at the Super Dollar who was smart enough to spot the scam.

"It makes us feel good that they didn't get to another town," said McCoy.

Police are still looking for this man they believe was also a part of the group. This is him hugging another customer. He goes on to make a purchase later.

Police think he's from Atlanta, but originally from Arlington. If you know anything, give them a call at 229-725-4211.

The Secret Service says they don't think Friday's incident in Arlington is related to the rash of counterfeit cases they've been seeing in Albany lately.

But they advise store clerks to learn from this and be extra cautious of the money you put in your register.

Each of the suspects is charged with five counts of Forgery. They're all in the Early County jail.

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