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Leesburg special election is winding down

March 2, 2003

Leesburg- Leesburg voters will have a new city councilman on March 18. While the candidates have different backgrounds, they have several common goals.

Steve Kitchens and Victor Stubbs want to use their voices in city hall to make a change in Leesburg, and they want to start by revitalizing the downtown area.

Kitchens says, "I want to help downtown improve and beautify the city." Stubbs says more money will flow in if more retailers make Leesburg their home.

"If major retailers come to town, it can only help improve the economy and help residents stay in their hometowns without going to neighboring cities."

While they want change, Kitchens and Stubbs want to maintain the small town atmosphere.

"If growth occurs too quickly, it will take away the community atmosphere we have now," says Kitchens.

Stubbs adds, "We want Leesburg to remain our homes and our community. We want people to feel comfortable with the growth." While these candidates have similar plans and goals for Leesburg, it will be up to voters to decide who gets the seat.

The vacancy on the council was created when former councilman Morris Leverett resigned after moving outside city limits.

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