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Stray dog attacks four-year-old girl

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A four-year-old South Georgia girl was left bruised and scared after a stray dog bit her in Moultrie. Now her family is worried she may have contracted a disease from the dog.

They're also concerned the dog may attack other children in the neighborhood. So far attempts to get the dog off the streets have been unsuccessful.

Allyson Pendarvis is scared and her mom is upset that a dog is on the loose and no one can catch her.

"Yeah it could have been anyone's child that got bitten not just because it's my child but it could have been any child," said Allyson's mom Christy Pendarvis.

Allyson and her family visited her Uncle's home on Thanksgiving day when her family says she was standing around the corner of his mobile home when the female dog came up from behind and bit her.

The dog left puncture marks and bruises on the back of her leg and thigh.

"The fact that she wasn't doing anything or bothering the dog," Pendarvis said. "It just ran up out of nowhere, knocked her down from behind and grabbed onto her leg. It could have been a lot worse,"her mom said.

Her uncle's dog Rosco came to the rescue that day and fought the other dog so it would leave Pendarvis alone.

The stray dog had a litter of two-month-old puppies hanging around the house. Maybe she was just trying to protect her young, but nothing's for certain.

The problem with this dog is no one can catch her. Moultrie Humane society employees tried to catch her on Thursday when it happened but she just kept running away.

A trap sits in the yard. It's supposed to be open with food in the cage to lure her inside. Allyson is still scared and her mom is still upset, but they hope someone will catch this dog soon.

Allyson will go to the doctor this week to receive a series of rabies shots. Officials say they will try to catch the dog again and bring her to the humane society. It they're unsuccessful, they may have to consider other methods.

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