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Family recovers from fire just before Thanksgiving Day

Umeki Williams looks into her fire damaged home Umeki Williams looks into her fire damaged home

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) – An Albany family is working to get their lives back together after a fire destroyed all of their belongings, just before Thanksgiving Day.

They are trying to get on their feet as quickly as they can this holiday season, especially for their children, one of whom was saved from the blaze.

Five year old Elija was on the front porch, as the house burned, "he was scared," said Umeki Williams. A business owner across the street rescued her son.

"He didn't know what was going on, she got him off the chair and it caught fire just a few seconds later," said Williams.

As with most fires this was unexpected.

"I turned the corner and I saw the fire truck and police," said Williams.

She returned home to find her house gutted by flames.

"I thought they were still in the house especially my babies," said Williams. "I just lost it I don't know what went on."

Her husband and son were inside when the fire began.

"The fire started in the bedroom because we had a gas heater on the wall," said Williams.

The heater set a nearby trash can on fire and her husband tried to help before things got out of control.

"He went around and tried to get the water hose but it was too late," said Williams.

The family is trying to move on.

"We need all the help we can get, the Red Cross have been helping us out," said Williams.

With mostly everything up in smoke she's thankful for the lives saved.

"I'm really grateful because my son could have died in that house," said Williams.

You may contact Umeki Williams at (229) 518-8055 if you would like to help the family.

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