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Mardi Gras makes its way to So. Georgia

March 1, 2003

Albany-The Downtown Merchants Association is holding their first ever Spring Mardi Gras Street Festival, and trying to bring some authentic New Orleans flavor to the Good life City.

"I had a man deliver me 150 pounds of crawfish from New Orleans last night. He drove up, dropped the crawfish to me, spent a couple of hours sleeping at my house, and then he got back in his truck and went back to New Orleans," says Broad Street Bistro owner, James Eckles.

Businesses, civic, and charity organizations have set up booths and booked a host of bands through out the night. They say its a good opportunity to have fun and do a little business. South Georgians say with so much going on the five dollar admission is well worth it.

"We just came out to support this and hoping maybe we could get something like this every so often. We're really impressed," claims Amy Wiard.

The Mardi Gras street fest was originally supposed to be set up along the 200 block of West Broad Avenue.

But because of the wet weather it is being held in the lower level of the parking deck located across from the government center on Pine Avenue, and will last until midnight.

The Downtown Merchants Association is not only hoping people will come out and have fun, but they want everyone to take a crack at opening a safe loaded with merchandise.

Star Brokers Pawn shop is holding a safe opening contest. Each try is only 25 cents, but the person who can open it will take home $3,000 worth of merchandise.

The proceeds will go to the family of a Broad Street Bistro cook who lost everything in a fire.

If you want to try your hand at cracking the safe combination. Star Brokers Pawn Shop is located at 214 West Broad Avenue.

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