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Film casting call comes to Albany

March 1, 2003

Albany- Film director, Mark Campbell, is leading actors as they audition for various roles in the film, Christmas Party. Actors from all over Georgia came to Albany hoping to land a role that will turn their dreams into reality.

Several actors waited for hours just to get a chance to audition. Actor, Robert McGee, says, "I have been waiting for a while. You really can't prepare. It's not easy trying to figure out what they want."

John Delamar says, "I have been doing theatre for years, but this is different. It's just hard going from theatre to film."

Actresses, Beth Joiner and Lisa Arnold, play the two mothers who go to great lengths for their daughters to become Debutantes, and learn life lessons in the process.

Beth Joiner says, "The two mothers want their daughters to do well and be in the same groups with the social elite."

"The play is giving Southerners the chance. Instead of actors coming from Los Angeles or Hollywood, real people are helping a story come to life that they know about," says Lisa Arnold.

Production of Christmas Party will begin in May. Certain parts will be filmed in Albany at Stone bridge Country Club in July.

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