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Families fight Thanksgiving germs

By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Thanksgiving brings the family together, but it also invites germs in the home. Health officials urge people to take some simple precautions this year to prevent the spread of germs and the threat of H1N1.

Brad Cross and his family are probably spreading a lot of germs right now...as they pass the ball back and forth while playing four square, but it's not something they worry too much about.

"We do the same routine," Cross said. "We wash our hands and we go in and eat."

Dr. Price Corr with Albany Surgical says that should be their main concern.

"Hand washing is the most simple of all things you can do especially with Swine Flu and flu season,"Corr said.

John McFather and his Grandma Mavis Biven agree.

"She reminds us to wash hands before we eat but the cleanliness of the inside of a person is more important," McFather said.

That's something Biven has taught her family that goes back five generations, and it's a healthy choice Dr. Corr says every one should choose.

"You have to be cautious if someone has sniffles and don't take chances- that's the bottom line,"Corr noted.

The Southwest Health District also says another way to prevent from spreading other bacterial or viral diseases is to travel when well.  

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