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Want to be Albany's Biggest Loser?

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – You've seen the show, now you join the Biggest Loser competition right here in Albany.

Tina Campbell found herself having to take breaks just walking up stairs. She wasn't obese, but had a few extra pounds and was out of shape. That led to health problems like high cholesterol.

She joined the Biggest Loser at Phoebe Putney and dropped about 12 pounds. Participants meet with trainers to craft a workout routine and a dietician to learn better eating habits.  She said, "Just for the health reasons. My cholesterol has gone down, my energy level has gone up. It's just a great, great program. The guys here are great. They encourage you without being mean to you and if you don't show up, they're like, where were you yesterday?"

Anyone who gets a doctor's okay may join the program. It costs $120 for 12 weeks. You can call Phoebe physical medicine's center at 312-8729 for more information.

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