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Army National Guard trains with Bradleys

February 28, 2003

Lowndes County - Members of Valdosta's Army National Guard unit will spend the weekend training with Bradley fighting vehicles.

"This training is really intensive and is the best preparation we can have for wartime," said Sgt. Don Whitmire.

The 33 ton Bradley can travel up to nearly 60 miles per hour through water, desert, and rugged terrain. "It's extremely durable and will make it through just about anything we could possibly encounter," said Whitmire.

Hundreds of Bradleys are deployed overseas right now. They're key role in wartime is transporting troops to combat. "It will hold a driver, gunner, commander, and 6 troop members," said Whitmire.

In combat situations, the Bradley can blast the enemy from thousands of yards away. Training on the Bradley fighting vehicle is some of the most important in the Army, and the armored vehicle will be key in their upcoming missions.

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