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Where in the World are these experiments?

February 28, 2003

This is the sleepy little town where it seems everyone is experimenting on something.

"For me it's insects, slugs, things like that."

"We are taking the pork out."

 "I love termites and things that bug you."

And people come from around the world to hang out here.

"What country are you from? Ghana. Why are you here? To study," says Dr. Saalia.

So why all the experiments? Maybe because it's the Georgia experiment station, which, for a long time, was far away from town. The Director back then rode his horse to town to get the mail.

"And while he enjoyed seeing people during his ride, he couldn't get his work done," says Assistant Dean Dr. Jerry Arkin.

So the man in charge back then decided to open a post office at the experiment station. That was back in 1890. Today, this town is still known for its experiments. Doctor Oetting is experimenting with Marderian mealy bugs.

"They are a cotton-looking wax covered bug, which makes it difficult to penetrate with a chemical."

Doctor Saalia is recording the sound of a pork rind being crushed.

"If you buy a pork rind and it is not crisp you won't go back and buy it again."

Don't look for any pork in these rinds. These are made out of black eye peas and rice. And Doctor Suiter is studing how termites get into your house, by using this exposed outdoor foundation of a typical home.

"Since they live in the dark, they are communicating chemically as they move in."

So this is a town full of scientists, experimenting on everything from food safety to row crops. That's the way it has always been in the town of Experiment. 

Experiment is just north of Griffin Georgia in Spaulding county. The experiment station is known as the Griffin campus of the University of Georgia.

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