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Embezzlement investigation underway

^Glenn Miller ^Glenn Miller

February 27, 2003

Albany--  Employees may have embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Reddy Ice Company. The plant manager has already been fired and investigators have searched his house for evidence.

Glenn Miller, the former plant manager of Reddy Ice Ice Company, is at the center of an embezzlement investigation. He was fired February 7th, and now a computer and financial records have been seized from his South County Line road home.

Dougherty D.A. Ken Hodges had little to say about the investigation. "Well, I can't comment on that. It's a pending investigation at this time."

Reddy Ice Corporation President Jim Weaver of Dallas, Texas, says Miller and another unnamed employee were fired when an audit showed irregularities. We are told that at least part of the investigation involves eight missing commercial ice machines.

Miller's attorney, Mark Pickett, says he is innocent.  "It's a bit of an acrimonious situation. We may not be able to explain it to their satisfaction. But we believe there is a logical explanation and a reasonable explanation for all of their concerns."

No one has been arrested in the investigation, but investigators say it's possible that several people will be.

Glenn Miller was plant manager for at least ten years. Part of the investigation involves maintenance and repair work Miller admits doing on other businesses ice machines. Reddy Ice purchased the Albany plant from Midsouth Ice in 1997.

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