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Meth lab busts

February 27, 2003

TIFTON - Two Tifton men in their early twenties are in jail for manufacturing methamphetamine. Drug agents from Tifton and Albany went into the Spring Hill Subdivision home Thursdaymorning and found all the ingredients for an active meth lab. They found batteries, ammonia, and anhydrous tanks in the garage of a Woodland Court home in Northeastern Tift County.

Drug agents were surprised at the size of the lab and its location, but say Thursday morning's bust was no more important than Tuesday's.

"We consider any amount or any lab to be a major thing, simply because we don't want it here in Tift County," Chris Owens said.

21-year-old Chris Gay and 24-year-old Randy Carmichael are charged with manufacturing methamphetamine. The GBI also helped out with the investigation, they expect more arrests in the case.

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